Enterprise learning and performance support solutions

Skillgate Learning Centres specialises in enterprise learning and performance support solutions for the corporate and government markets.

A key factor in the successful implementation of new software applications and business systems – or changes to existing systems, is the ability of users to adapt to the changes. In today’s workplace there just isn’t time to search through endless Google results, or to browse the multitude of websites, or even spend the time to drill down into a learning management system to find, work through an elearning module to get to just what is needed.

Skillgate Learning Centres work with organisations to design, develop and deliver learning and performance support solutions to ensure people perform effectively and efficiently at every changing moment of their working life.

If you are looking for learning solutions or computer training in Brisbane, Melbourne or any where else in Australia then look no further. Skillgate Learning Centres has more than twenty years experience in assisting corporate and government clients with Microsoft Office, IT corporate rollout and migration training needs.